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5 things to research before you start any business

It is really important that you make a good research before you start any business. It can save you years if your business will fail. Whatever business you start, B2C ( business-to-customer ) or B2B ( business-to-business ), you need to ask yourself at least this 5 questions. Who are your customers? You need to know
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First Career Days at Toschas Labs

How I started my carrier, what I learned and what I didn’t learn while I was working at Toschas Labs, small software company in Belgrade. I was working at Toschas Labs as junior web developer for one year, from Septembar 2013 – Septembar 2014.
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Cultural Shock at Mount Snow

One of the the reasons why I went to university was the possibility to participate in Work & Travel ( J1 ) program and travel to United States. That’s how I end up working as housekeeper at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont in the summer of 2011. How I got the job? I was so excited
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